Roofing Services

Do you want to hire a roofing service that offers you high quality work, a good price and great service that make you happy with your roofing? Then you can trust our professional roofing services. We have developed a long standing reputation for excellent service delivery over the years. Our approach to roofing is unique and professional; when you hire us, be rest assured that we will do a high quality work that will last. Aside from our home roofing service, we have extended our services to incorporate various customers cutting across several industries including banking, hospitals and schools.

We’ve streamlined our work down to the main keys to great roofing:

· We always select and use the best materials for your work.

· We determine the right scope of work to be done. We would conduct a full scope identification of the work to be done before we give you a quote.

· We make sure that your job scope covers your needs without charging you for unnecessary labor. Our experienced roofing team will help you maximize your roofing budget.

Our services are unique and of the highest quality employing the best materials, experienced team and also clearly identify the work to be done before you commit to paying anything. You can trust us to deliver what we promise.


• Roof repair and restoration

• Roof replacement

• New roofing construction

• High and low slope roofing services

• Roof cleaning

• Maintenance and preventative services

We’ll come and take a look at your roof without charging anything. You’ll receive the full scope of work to be done with pricing options that would fit within your budget before move forward.

We take several factors into account, we do not only identify problem and fix them but also work to

• Keep your costs within your budget

• Quality work that lasts

• An appropriate roof system design for your structure



We our proud to be part of the confederation of roofing contractors.



We will work with you to fully understand your projects needs.



We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service from start to end.